Mickie & Luke

After a long, sunshine-y summer full of weddings and cheer here in New Mexico, the first wisps of autumn are making their way through our desert state.

There might still be a few weeks of warmth before we get to indulge in the smell of juniper woodsmoke in the morning and roasting green chiles in the afternoon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t count down the days!

And as we gear up for snuggly sweaters and crisp weather, it feels like the perfect moment to reminisce on the cozy, romantic evening of Mickie and Luke’s wedding ceremony — especially because it was a night our team will never forget. 

Before the day reached golden hour, Mickie and Luke donned their celebration wear surrounded by dear friends in the much-adored, rustic-chic collective house known as Artifacts 302

The aged wood, eclectic collection of art and wares, and pastoral vibe of the venue paired perfectly with Mickie’s DIY elements and the fun, flirty personalities of the couple. 

Micke, a boho bride through and through, spent the day barefoot as she fluttered about in her off-the-shoulder gown that, as you’ll see, looked as if it were crafted for her and her only. 

With the expertly balanced decor and lighthearted nature of Mickie’s presence, the whole day felt effortlessly beautiful. 

Our team of storytellers has been photographing and filming weddings for awhile now, though, so we know how much dedication and hard work went into making this day so gorgeous! We’re so honored to have captured each moment, and to be able to share some of our appreciation with you, reader, for the details Mickie created. 

The celebration culminated under the warm, glowing lights of Artifacts 302 in a way that illuminated that dedication to love - with a ceremony that was deeply sacred and Christ-centered. 

If we’re totally honest, it moved our team to tears. Thank you, Mickie and Luke, for allowing us to be a part of your inspiring, uplifting love story! 

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