Samantha & Jason | Engagement Session

We’ve all seen the movies, heard the songs, read the books about love at first sight

But where is the appreciation for love that grows and builds over time? We’re sure you’re familiar with it — it’s the kind that feels like home, and steadily deepens into something everlasting. 

That’s the kind of love our team has had the honor of witnessing between Samantha and Jason!

The two exceedingly kind people, whose engagement session photos you’ll be swooning over shortly here, were close friends for a long while before they realized they had gone and fallen head over heels in love. That foundation of friendship in their relationship is something we think all couples aspire towards, and it, quite honestly, radiated out from their smiles and laughter while we were documenting their story

Our team will soon have the pleasure of photographing and filming their wedding day, too, and thank goodness for that! Once we had the opportunity to connect with these joyous, playful people — and their wonderfully well-behaved furry family members — we couldn’t get enough. 

Originally from Las Vegas, New Mexico, these desert lovebirds celebrated their engagement in the Sandias, surrounded by crisp mountain air and dazzling snow, wrapped in cozy blankets. 

We know that, when the big day comes, Samantha and Jason’s ceremony of love will be one full of laughter, happy tears, and scintillating merrymaking — they’re too full of joy and excitement for it to be any other way!

Thank you, Samantha and Jason, for allowing our team of storytellers the opportunity to capture one of life’s greatest joys: two amazing people who have fallen deeply in love. (And some unbearably adorable pups, too, as the cherry on top!)

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